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date: 1.30.08 / posted by EVAN

Episode 9 is finally online! I hope that for those of you that have been checking the site for a new episode that you aren't disappointed!

Not everything that happens in the DRC is as full of gravity as the last three episodes. The time that Robin and Wendy spent away from the people they were there to help was often filled with figuring out how to live in Africa and finding ways to have a break from the chaos that seemed to be everywhere. This episode (No. 9) highlights some of the lighter moments that Robin and Wendy were able to share with friends - hopefully giving us all a better perspective on how important our relationships with those around us truly are.

date: 1.21.08 / posted by EVAN

If you have been checking the site out over the past couple of days for Episode 9 - we apologize for the delay! We have been working diligently on the next couple of episodes simultaneously and hope to have this years first episode (EP9) up very soon (our estimates on how long it would take to wrap it up were a bit off - oops!).

Check back later this week for EP 9 - and as always continue to pass the site along to the people around you!

date: 1.14.08 / posted by CONGOCAST TEAM

Last night CBS Evening News ran a story by coorespondent Anderson Cooper (click here to watch his report). He interviewed Dr. Denis Mukwege, the head doctor at the Panzi Hospital, which was highlighted in Episode 7 and Episode 8 of the podcast. The story on CBS is a long needed spotlight by the American media of the conflict in the DR Congo. Please continue to spread the word of what is happening in the DR Congo and hopefully more media outlets will begin to run stories like this one that can help raise the awareness of the issues facing the Congolese people and ways to help end their strife.

Tune back in later this week as we start off 2008 with Episode 9 of the Congocast...

date: 12.13.07 / posted by Evan

Our mission with this podcast right now is to do three things:

1) get people to pray for the situation in DR Congo and its people

2) raise the awareness of the American community of the crisis in the DRC by sharing about it with everyone we know

3) and help get the Julie Project finished - a crisis center for rape victims in Bukavu

This episode (No. 8) tries to get across the great importance of these three things. The last two episodes have been incredibly hard to put together. Because there is so much that can be said about what is happening in the DRC, it is hard to know what stories need to be told. I hope that all of us see a part of ourselves in the faces of each of these women in episode 8. There are inumerable ways that you can help them, and the Julie Project is just one way you can get involved.

If you want to find out more about this project or support it - you can click here to visit our page about the Julie Project or visit, the website for the organization that began this tremendously important project.

Take up the challenge and find a way that you can help--whether is is through this project or somewhere else. You now know the story, and you have the opportunity to do something about it.

date: 12.13.07 / posted by CONGOCAST TEAM

Thank you so much to all of you fulfilled your commitment to pray for the Congolese people and the issues they face during last week’s Maombi Mission Prayer Week. We were overwhelmed by the response we received – over 220 people signed up to pray, resulting in 69% of our prayer slots being filled!

Our hope is that your prayers for Congo don’t end after your time slot has ended – please continue to pray for the needs of the women and children in Congo, for the pastors and their families struggling to make a difference and for Dr. Denis and his staff at the Panzi Clinic. If you want to share something from your prayers last week, please feel free to email us by clicking here – we’d love to hear your stories! Again, thank you for your prayers and your continued support of Congocast!

date: 12.04.07 / posted by Evan

I just thought I would post a quick thank you to all of you who have signed up for our first ever "Maombi Mission" this week! We have had a really great response so far - and I have been told in an email I received last week that one of the churches in Congo that Robin and Wendy worked with also signed up for some of the time!

There are still spaces available toward the end of the week that we would love to fill up -- so if you haven't signed up yet or are feeling like you would like to participate again visit the Maombi Mission page to sign up for a time! Please keep passing the project along to your friends and thank you for your continued prayers for Congo!

date: 11.15.07 / posted by Evan

The newest episode was posted last night and focuses on the main issue in the DR Congo – sexual violence. This is the first of two episodes dealing with Robin and Wendy's interactions with the rape victims at Panzi Hospital, so please be advised that the content is pretty graphic. As you’ll see from the episode, once you learn about the atrocities happening in the DRC, you can’t turn away. Here’s a new way for you to help:

GET INVOLVED: Maombi Mission
Maombi is the Swahili word for prayer. We believe that prayer is the front line of change for the things happening to the people of DR Congo, so we will be hosting the first ever Maombi Mission week of prayer for DR Congo beginning at 12AM on December 2nd through 11PM December 8th.

To learn more, please click here:

Again, thanks to all of you for tuning in, sharing this story with your family and friends and for being willing to help. If you have any questions about what we’re doing or how you can get involved, you can – email us by clicking here.

date: 10.31.07 / posted by Evan

In our newest episode (No. 6) Robin and Wendy find that they have a lot to learn about how to live in the DR Congo. Yet of all of the transitioning they must do - they are reminded that many of the people in the DRC have far less than they are able to have while they are there. This is even more present as they begin working at a feeding center for children in the Panzi district of Bukavu. Check out these organizations below for more information about how you can get involved in helping the children and those who are hungry in the DRC.

Answering the Call -

Food for the Hungry International -

Food for the Hungry (US Branch) -

date: 10.12.07 / posted by Evan

Episode 5 is now online! In this podcast Wendy and Robin finally get to Congo and begin to settle in to their new surroundings. You can check it out above or on our episodes page. Keep your eyes on the site over the coming weeks - we will be adding many new features and giving you more ways to get involved with helping the people of the DRC!

date: 9.19.07 / posted by Evan

It has been a while in coming - but Episode 4 is finally online. Leaving family and saying your goodbyes can be really difficult - but the anticipation of what lies ahead for Wendy and Robin propel them toward the first leg of their journey. It seems like it has taken forever to get them over to the Congo - but they finally depart for the DRC in our latest video podcast!

date: 8.28.07 / posted by Evan

Check out our new episode (EP. 3) online today! Robin and Wendy's journey takes another turn as they begin the home stretch of their preparations for their year long trip to the DRC. Check back soon for more information about Congo as we begin to add new features to the site in the coming weeks!

date: 8.09.07 / posted by Evan

The second episode of the podcast is up! We are really excited to get Episode 2 live - and we hope that you begin to become more enveloped in the story of the Congo through the journey of these two women and their families as they start to see what giving up the security of an American life might be like.

ALSO - The Cucalorus film festival has been hosting viewings of the film "The Devil Came on Horseback" this week in Wilmington. The documentary sheds light on the atrocities happening in Darfur right now through the eyes of a photographer who worked there for a year. This film will be showing at various venues around town this week - at two of which they will be allowing us to introduce the Congocast to their audience by showing the preview for our podcast! If you are interested in attending one of these showings (our preview will show at the Thursday and Friday viewings) click here to find out more about this intense film and where it is playing (warning this film is very graphic in nature given the violence in Sudan - viewer discretion is advised).

If you are new to the site - check out our past episodes and the preview for the podcast on our episodes page.

date: 7.23.07 / posted by Evan

Whew... The first episode of the podcast is finally online! Thank you for tuning in to this story - we hope that you are as excited as we are to watch how Robin and Wendy's life will unfold in the Congo! You can watch the video above or visit the episodes page to check out the preview from last week.

date: 7.12.07 / posted by Congocast will be featured during the 9am hour this morning (Thursday 7.12.07) on 980 AM the WAAV in Wilmington, NC. Check it out and hear how you can be a part of helping the Congo. Tune in / Change the World!

date: 7.08.07 / posted by Congocast

Welcome to the first update to the website. We are so excited that after one year of production the video podcast has finally been launched. Take a look around at the information we have available. Episodes will appear here and on MySpace every two to three weeks - so check back often as we continue to update you with information about DR Congo and ways that you can get involved and make a difference!